Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ready to go?

So it looks like we're all about to start the 2009 Stanley Cup playoffs that is in my opinion the most intrigued event around the sports globe. Are you, guys ready to put some first round predictions? I'll try my best, so...
Montreal vs. Boston. Without Markov I don't think Canadiens have real chances. Boston in five.

New York Rangers vs. Washington. I wasn't really impressed how Washington played last 6-8 games. It was, let say, sloppy. So the question is if Capitals are ready to playoffs type of hockey. If they are...Washington in six.

Carolina vs. New Jersey. Ward vs. Brodeur...hmmm...New Jersey in seven.

Philadelfia vs. Pittsburgh. Both team goaltending is somewhat questionable, but Pittsburgh's offence is so powerful. Pittsburgh in six (or five?)

Anaheim vs. San Jose. Sharks is better in each aspect. San Jose in four.

Columbus vs. Detroit. Goaltending, goaltending, goaltending...If it's not this miserable play by Osgood, but it's great "if" when you come into playoffs. Anyway, Detroit in six.

St.Louis vs. Vancouver. Pretty even. Let say, Vancouver in six (Luongo, Sundin, Sedins)

Calgary vs. Chicago. Calgary is the typical playoffs team with great experience in Keenan, Iginla and Kiprusoff. I like Chicago (I hope Canadian authorities who supposed to OK my citizenship application don't read this post), but they posses no playoffs experience. Calgary in six.

I will be happy to get your comments with your predictions. Just keep in mind that my predictions do not necessarily reflect my sympathy (like Boston Montreal pair, for example)


  1. Mon-Bos 4-3
    Was-Ran 3-4
    Car-NJ 3-4
    Pit-Phi 4-1
    Det-Clm 4-0
    Ana-SJ 0-4
    StL-Van 2-4
    Cal-Chi 4-3

  2. like your picks as well...I like therangers though just because the caps do not have the goltending...i agree with west coast...isles got first pick YES!!

  3. Do you like NYI? 1st overal draft is good uless they will trade it as usial. Do you agree with my post about NYI?