Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some notes about Kovalev

My young friend HOCKEY3097 from nhl.com community today asked me "Do you like Kovalev? I don't like Kovalev but my brother does."

Look, the answer is 'yes' and 'no'. I remember this player from Russia since 1992 when he was almost your age. He was amazing but had bad discipline. Like now a day people come to Washington to see Ovechkin, fans came to watch Moscow Dynamo to see this 16 year-old kid. I remember also Gretzky after playing with Kovalev in NYR said that Kovalev is the most talented player he has ever seen (and Grez, by the way, played with Coffey, Messier, Robitaile, Hull, Leetch and many many others great players)
The problem is his attitude to hockey. He loves hockey, no question about, but he also likes flying, playing saxophone, having fun with friends etc...Some days he is concentrated on the game and he is the best by far, other day - not so. He is probably the most gifted Russian player ever hit the NHL, but his impact - maybe 20% overall from his abilities. My favorite combination of player - skills + hard permanent work + team player (lets say Yzerman)

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  1. Kovalev is the best MTL player