Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Creatine Hockey Nutrition - To Whom It May Concern

Any athlete (professional, amateur or weekend warrior) searching for legitimate ways of enhancing their physical performance has undoubtedly heard of creatine. If used properly, this safe, legal and effective supplement will enhance your athletic performance in ways never before imagined.

Scientific research has shown that creatine promotes muscle growth, improves athletic performance and accelerates recovery following strenuous exercise. Moreover, new research is now showing that creatine enhances overall anabolic (tissue building) potential and promotes good health and longevity.

However, in order to reap creatine’s full range of benefits it is imperative that one first sets the stage - metabolically speaking. Unfortunately, this information is not easily accessed by the layperson. Moreover, many creatine informational websites misinterpret existing scientific studies and disseminate potentially harmful advise about the “proper” use of creatine.

I want to be honest - this is my affiliate product. But first of all, it's really good one and, you know, I am not pushing you, just look it up!


  1. Did youself try this product? I was told it's good, but there are so many of them...

  2. No I did not. But I know the kid from my son team who did. He likes it.

  3. It's really good stuf. I used to take it for 6 month. no side affects, good results.