Tuesday, September 1, 2009


OK, guys, the answer to my last question had a hint - Tarasov's book cover right on the top of my site. And like one of my Canadian friends said " Alex, for God sake, how do you expect us to know how Tarasov looked like in 1946 when no one from here were born where and when, not knowing of Tarasov existence till 1972?!"
He is probably right. OK, I am not arguing.

On this photo, below this text, is Viktor Tikhonov. You are not surprised yet, right? But who is the guy next to him? Don't tell me "Alex, common! We are not obliged to know every Russian player!" Because it's not "just another Russian player". This kid in 2 years from time this photo was taken became well known in North America. His name is - no, no, no...YOU NAME HIM!

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