Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This young kid from the last post photo, taken during the final game of the 1992 Winter Olympics is NIKOLAI BORSCHEVSKY who became a Maple Leafs hero just one year latter scoring his unquestionable career most important goal which victoriously ended up game seven overtime Toronto's 93 playoffs series against Red Wings.

Even Nikolai has retired spending now most of his time in Russia he is still running "Nikolai Borschevsky Hockey School" which is actually very close to my home here in Toronto's suburb. This school is famous for European excellence of skating that was, probably Nikolai's "trade mark" as a player.

But do you know an interesting fact that starting his career with Dynamo Moscow he was cut by this team after seven seasons for permanent discipline problems on and off ice? It's proved to be better for him, joint Spartak he was able to get into his new and the best era as a player, becoming 1992 Olympic champion and joining Maple Leafs the same year.

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