Tuesday, September 8, 2009


VIKTOR FEDOROV. "The honoured coach of Russia"


Yesterday one of the most popular hockey experts Viktor Fedorov visited the Sport Express office.

The honoured coach of Russia and one of the most popular hockey experts, head of Fedorov dynasty Viktor Fedorov (WOW!!! - A.N) visited the Sport Express office to talk with our correspondent Igor Larin.

"First of all I would like to say that I am going to change image of Fedorov Sr. that Russin fans got used to", said Viktor.

"I had a critical point of view on several unpleasant events in NHL since this league formed long time go. Meanwhile Kontinental Hockey League makes its first steps and we need to help them and excuse for their mistakes".

"I came to Sport Express office from Magnitogorsk where I helped my sons Sergey and Fyodor to adapt to their new club. They have already rented a house and have settled down in Magnitogorsk. They are satisfied with everything".

"Fyodor and Sergey looked nice in the link with Chistov in the final match of Ramazan Cup against Traktor. Though Traktor with Andrey Nazarov in charge played very well against the Fedorov brothers".

"Actually we never paid too much attention to this kind of trial matches because only the season will show clubs’ real power".

"In KHL there are no less opponents than in NHL. I would lay special mention to defending champion AK Bars, and also to Dynamo, SKA and Atlant. Salavat Yulaev can boast strong roster which will be the main irritator for everyone".

"New leader of Salavat Yulaev Viktor Kozlov has been named the best forward of the Czech Hockey Games. I think that Washington Capitals managers should pay their attention to this fact after they experimented on him last season. Just imagine that this master played less than ten minutes during one game in the Capitals that made hockey experts surprised".

"NHL is business and their managers saw that salary limits didn’t allow the club offer Kozlov a worthy contract. That is why they did everything possible to change his statistics in the team. By the way Sergey Fedorov found himself in similar situation in Washington".

"He told us about his decision, listened to our point of view and decided to do as he wanted".

Let's leave along Viktor Fedorov controversial comments (as usual). But describe him as "The honoured coach of Russia and one of the most popular hockey experts" and "head of Fedorov dynasty" for me it's kind of shocking...
Alex 'Nikale1'


  1. I remember this man was "advising" Bowman on Red Wings line combination improvement whan Sergei played for Detroit...

  2. He's like the Russian version of Lindros' dad. This guy needs to keep quiet.

  3. Looks like he couldn't.
    Sergei playing for Red Wings was forced once said "thats my dad's opinion, not mine!"
    (I guess his father told to media at that time that Draper cannot enter the zone...)

  4. What a moron. I sure hope Sergei didn't inherit any of his Dad's stupid genes, but from the looks of his financial decisionmaking, I'd say he did. Pity.

  5. Fedorov-senior is indeed a complete moron. Keep in mind that he is on the staff of Sport-Express and is a personal friend of I. Larin -- hence, "most popular expert", "great coach", etc...

  6. what an idiot. did he forget that Kozlov played on the #1 line with Ovechkin and Fedorov played on the #2 line with Semin. yeah, looks like the Caps management was really trying to screw those guys and their statistics.

  7. Guys, relax
    This dad said the same about Bowman and Detroit.
    According to him Bowman tried to "screen" Segrei to "shine" SY
    Been hockey dad myself I can understand him, but to say it publicly and constantly thru the years one has to be an idiot.
    More over, he cannot understand how damaging it is for his sons