Saturday, September 26, 2009


Yes,yes,yes...This guy is Richard Farda, the 1972 World Champion from Czechoslovakia.
He was born on August 11, 1945 in Brno, played with Dukla Jihlava (serving army), then ZKL Brno. Richard represented this club and his home town in Czechoslovakia national team, became 1972 World champion (Prague), 1972 Olympic bronze medalist and Czechoslovakia champion of 1966.

Another Photo Of Richard Farda (11)

Nice and straight career, but till 1974 only. This year after 1974 World championship (Helsinki) he and his partner Vaclav Nedomansky defected to Canada becoming "the traitors" as was said by the main Czechoslovakia newspaper "Rude Pravo". This article was reprinted in the USSR by "Soviet Sport". The climax of the story was set by the Soviet main newspaper "Pravda", the Communist World leading Media, by publishing the article "Canadian Hockey Trade Items" describing how poor stupid guys (Farda and Nedomansky) were fooled by North Americans hockey capitalist-sharks and "had their careers ruined".

Ironical it proved to be truth saying on Farda case. He achieved nothing but some money playing for Toronto and Birmingham for 3 years (WHA). He has his career finished in couple of years playing in Switzerland.
His name was forbidden and almost forgotten for us for decades.

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