Monday, September 21, 2009


Sure, Arthur
Your answer is correct as usual. The photo was taken in Prague in 1974 during friendly game between Czechoslovakia and London Lions.
The goalie is Leif "Honken" Holmqvist whose photo from 1975 World Championship I am publishing right now.

By the way, do you have any ideas why he and Ulf Sterner were so popular in the Soviet Union during our early childhood? We actually played our own battles as "Holmqvist" and "Sterner" among our "Firsov", "Ragulin" and "Zinger" long-long time ago...


  1. Not them only. Nedomansky, Dzurilla, Tumba as well...

  2. i'd say it's all due to their talent and to the tv commentators. nikolay ozerov was able to make many players popular literally overnight :-)

    i remember how in 1976 in the opening game against team poland polish player whose last name ozerov pronounced as "yobchik" (not a very nice thing to call someone in russian) managed to score to team ussr and was overall a player hard to ignore that day. after the first period, everybody were upset and ozerov got a phone call from authorities to stop swearing during broadcasting.

    in the second period, ozerov began to call "yobchik" as "zhopchik" (also not a very nice word in russian) and in the intermission got another angry call about the language he's using when the whole country including kids is watching the game.

    in the third period, he started to call that player as "shovchik" but periodically swapped to his previous version and made it sound like there were 10-15 polish players at the same time on the ice - "shovchik passes to yobchik, yobchik shoots, he shoots again, the pack rebounds to zhopchik... it's yobchik again..."

    to make the long story short, we lost that game and i still remember that player by the name of Jobczyk :-)

  3. Same do I!!!
    My favourite Canadian is Sid! sorry, Pete Sidorkevic.
    It reminds me our famous battleship
    "Bronetelkin Ponosets"...

  4. i haven't heard about the new version of battleship potemkin :-)