Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Today I would like to make a present to all my friends - 1972 Summit followers. This photo of Chicago legend STAN MIKITA, wearing CSSR jersey, was taken in Prague during the 1972 series when Canada faced Czechoslovakia team.

Stan Mikita was treated by fans as a national hero due to a number of reasons.
First of all he is Slovakian, he fled from communist regime, he was a NHL superstar and the last but not least he is a terrific hockey player.

Some years ago I have seen an interesting TV program about Stan. He told that at the beginning of his career he was tough if not rough player, getting a lot of fighting penalties etc.
One day he came home after the game and asked his 5-years-old daughter how she liked the Blackhawks game.
She told - A..aa, hmm..It was good...Dad, may I ask you one question?
-Sure, darling, go ahead!
-Why while your team was scoring a lot of goals you have spent almost half a game watching from the penalty box?
-Well, You know, a-hm...m-a
Mikita said: "I realized if 5-years old child can understand it, why didn't I?!" Since that day, Stan changed his play style....

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