Thursday, September 24, 2009


Look at this photo. 1966. It was one of the first games the legend goalie Jiri Holecek represented his country (maybe the very first, I am not sure). The friendly game between Czechoslovakia and Team Canada was played in Prague right before 1966 Lubliana's World Championship where Czechoslovakia finished second just one point behind of the Soviets and where Jiri started his fantastic international career officially.

But it's not the only and major reason I am publishing this photo from my famous (can I say it, Arthur?) archives. I clearly remember (no, no - not this game, I was 5 years old only!) I was kind of shocked in early 80s (or late 70s?) seen Sweden played dark blue jerseys instead of ever-yellow for first time in decade. My neighbour - the hockey fan veteran, said me - "Hmm, kid, you are too young to remember hockey of 50s.."
I am not "too young" anymore, but it's not an issue. The point is, look at this b/w photo again. Don't you think it's little bit strange having whole Czechoslovakia playing white and their goalie Holecek playing dark jersey?!
Maybe he has his white jersey forgotten (as the kids from my son's team doing more than often) to bring for his debut game? (Just kidding...)


  1. what is the jersey number on the first photo? is it No. 13? quiet a number for a goalie...

  2. I think #17. I have seen him playing this number early ears of his career...