Monday, August 24, 2009



President of the Russian Hockey Federation Vladislav Tretyak comments on the national team’s preparations for the Olympic Games.

Russian hockey national team will start pre-Olympic training camp on August 29 in Moscow. President of the Russian Hockey Federation Vladislav Tretyak told Sport Express about the team’s preparations for the Olympic Games.

The coaching staff submitted the 38-men roster for the trainings however not all players confirmed their participation in it. In particular Gonchar and Tyutin were said to miss these trainings.

"Both Gonchar and Tyutin said that they would come to preparation session", said Tretyak. "We haven’t received agreement of Volchenkov and Datsyuk as they are out because of family problems. We are hopeful that they will come to Moscow".

"Program of our preparations is not ready now since it is in process of completion. I can say now that we will surely organize a meeting with our supporters, so called a Doors Open Day".

"We also plan to hold awarding ceremony of winners of the previous World Championship. Want it to be held by the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin but we are to agree this question now".

"Our players will live in hotel “Aerostar” which is situated close to the hockey palace Megasport and CSKA stadium as our Hockey Federation paid for it. The main events of our preparations will take place there".

"But it’s necessary to take into account that several players will prepare for the Euro Hockey Tour Czech Games at that time and they will live in Novogorsk. As for other players we are not against if they decide to live at home".

"Rossgosstrakh company fully insured the whole preparation camp. I can say that there won’t be any serious danger to players’ health because they will be busy mostly with athletic exercises".

"In general the main reason of this training camp is communication between players. Believe me that it’s much better than usual trainings. Moreover we want to set players for maximum result at the Olympics".

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