Saturday, August 29, 2009


SPORT-EXPRESS. August 28, 2009

The father of the scandalous Kirill Kabanov and his representative Sergey Kabanov talked to Sport Express about the situation with his son.


The scandal around the denial of one of the most talented juniors in Russia to perform for Salavat Yulaev is nearing its culmination.

In July the former club of Kabanov Spartak gave all the rights on the player to Ufa but the player never appeared in the camp of Salavat Yulaev.

And the KHL president Alexandr Medvedev said that the most probable verdict of the League would be suspension of the player.

"The contract of my son with Spartak was signed when we yet had Superleague," said Sergey Kabanov.

"There was a clause that the club would immediately let the player to NHL if there are offers and moreover without a compensation."

"When they were creating KHL many young players, including Kirill, were asked whether they wanted to confirm this agreement and register it in the League or not."

"Some of the young hockey players panicked and refused to confirm their agreements but in Spartak they persuaded us not to do this."

"They said that Kirill is a face of Sparak’s ice hockey school, a rising star. And we agreed on it only because in the Moscow club they accepted all our stipulations – including these two clauses about move to NHL."

"And the League registered this contract. And Salavat did not give us a contract with such clauses. As a result we signed no agreement with Ufa."

"And we think that we have no acting agreement with Salavat. Kirill has not even seen the order of dismissal from Spartak. Nobody asked for our consent."

"It is known that Salavat bought our all rights on Kabanov together with an acting contract but without clauses about NHL we think the agreement with Spartak invalid."

"These are our main differences from views of Salavat and the League. I hope that Alexandr Medvedev will study this case in detail."

"Relationships with employers in our country are governed by Constitution and the Labour Code. Just imagine a situation when your management refuses to fulfill one of your contract’s stipulations – pay bonuses that are inserted into the contract."

"The entire document becomes invalid because of this. After I spoke to lawyers I understood that our stand has a strong legal basis."

"These two clauses were annulled while registered in the League. But nobody told us this and Kirill never signed any documents concerning these things."


"We realized that KHL is against moves of young players to NHL and we did not try to fight with the whole system."

"Our case is illustrative and can discourage somebody to travel across the Atlantic. But other juniors with their parents can draw different conclusions and won’t bind oneself with the club for long five years."

"And then young talents will leave the country much earlier than now – in 13-14 years."

"Actually at the moment I fear suspension. And you know the door to the national teams in closing gradually now. And Kirill played maximum number of different tournaments for Russia often bringing the title of the best forward."

"The situation with the son is wormwood to me. Just because I yielded to Spartak’s provocations and persuaded Kirill and the entire family to resign the contract."

"This clause with NHL is very important because Kirill grew up and progressed in the times when everybody praised NHL. It became a big dream that cannot be easily shaken off."


  1. Scary face (father) I would think twice to argue with him...

  2. His dad is a cancer