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Vasiliy Koshechkin (L) and Ilya Bryzgalov with the World Champions Cup Photo SPORT EXPRESS

Russian hockey goalkeeper Ilya Bryzgalov is hopeful that Lada won’t be eliminated from the KHL championship.

Phoenics Coyotes and Russian national team goaltender and the World champion-2009 Ilya Bryzgalov is currently preparing for the new season in his home city Togliatti. He started training with Lada squad this week.

The goalie visited Togliatti with the World Champions cup in a very tough moment for Lada as this club faces elimination from the KHL championship because of financial problems.

"This situation is difficult and not very pleasant", Bryzgalov told Sport Express. "On the one hand the team is training and preparing for the coming season but on the other hand it could be eliminated from the league".

"To my mind the most difficult thing for coaches and players is to be uncertain of their future. Vasiliy Koshechkin and I brought the champions cup to our home city to make people happy but we see that they are in awful mood".

"Vasiliy is a grown-up person and he will decide his future himself. I am hopeful that Lada will stay in KHL roster and Vasiliy will continue his career in Lada".

"Togliatti is a good city with perfect hockey school and faithful supporters. Don’t forget that Lada is the first non-Moscow club which won the Russian championship".

"Our success at the World championship in Switzerland was a big pleasure for my family and me. However it happened so long time ago and I don’t watch videotapes again now. We need to continue our life and move forward".

"Ahead of the 2009 World Cup many people said that it would be difficult to repeat our success in Canada. Ill-wishers always exist and even now they will say that it will be hard to win the title for the third consecutive time. So we will try to disappoint these people again".

"We just need to believe in our team. We went to Switzerland with only one target to win and we fulfilled it".

"All players dream of winning the Olympic Games. I know that it will be impossible to win three tournaments – the Stanley Cup, Olympic Games and the World Championship – in one season. So it’s necessary to wait for the Olympics and perform successfully there".

"I like everything in America. I have two-year contract with Phoenics and I am not ready to tell you what I will do after it".

"Many NHL players move to the Kontinental Hockey League and it cannot but prove this league’s strength. These experienced players are provided with good financial conditions in Russia".

"At the same time we shouldn’t forget that the most talented youngsters still play in NHL".

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