Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Ken Warren, The Ottawa Citizen; with files from Canwest News Service.
Published: Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bob Nicholson, Hockey Canada's President and CEO, speaks at a news conference to unveil Canada's 2010 Olympic and Paralympic hockey sweaters in Vancouver, British Columbia, August 17, 2009

At least Dany Heatley is talking to the president of Hockey Canada. Heatley talks, if only to Nicholson.
"I talked to Dany Sunday and I will talk to him again later this week about our camp," Hockey Canada president Bob Nicholson wrote in an e-mail to the Citizen on Tuesday, in response to questions about whether Heatley could become a distraction at next week's Olympic orientation camp in Calgary.

"Hockey Canada will do what is best for Dany and Hockey Canada."

Heatley hasn't uttered a word publicly since his demand for a trade away from the Ottawa Senators leaked out two months ago. It's believed Nicholson will ask Heatley to addre ss the issue before the opening of camp.

Heatley has five years and $33.5 million U.S. remaining on his contract ($4 million of his $8 million salary for 2009-10 was paid out on July 1), but he will face more concerns the longer the situation drags out. If he's not traded before the start of the regular season and holds out, he won't be paid. If he stayed away long enough, his chances to make the Olympic team would also dwindle because he wouldn't be at the competitive level of his peers.

Considering all of the above, why did Heatley choose to use his no-trade clause to prevent a potential deal to Edmonton? It's one of many questions Hockey Canada doesn't want being asked at camp next week.

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  1. Give me a break! This guy doesnt know what he wants himself. will find himself nowhere