Thursday, May 14, 2009

Washington Capitals Season

Dear Washington fans,

The long 2008-09 NHL season is over now for Ovie and Co. Its 24 hours after this painful game 7 lost which ended Capitals season. Even I believe the emotional level is still high and negative I think we can discuss some “pros” and “contras” of this year in general and playoffs in particular regarding to the Washington Capitals. This is the list of topics that I would like to give you to discuss. Feel free to leave your comment or put a new question related to Caps.

1. Did this Caps season satisfy you and match your expectations?
2. Did this Caps playoffs satisfy you and match your expectations?
3. After the Pens series what do you now think about Varlamov?
4. Don’t you think Alex Semin is not “playoffs” style of player?
5. What was the reason for Green’s playoffs “absence”?
6. Don’t you think that Nylander is overpaid for his role to Caps this season?
7. Don’t you think Caps have to trade Theodore if he is not good enough for playoffs?
8. Don’t you think it’s not OK having team captain (Chris Clark) injured for ¾ of the season every year?
9. Don’t you think the Washington organization put way too much weight on one guy shoulders?
10. Don’t you think Caps have some players just waiting Ovie to win the games by himself?



  1. They have to trade this f..g Semin, bring good D instead!

  2. It was good season for Ovie and Caps. Next year they will go all the way! Go Caps Go!!!

  3. A great series.
    I want to say gratz to the Caps on a tough series. I know the way you guys lost is tough to swallow but it really was a great series. It was nice for Pens fans to see how great AO is and for Caps fans to see how great Sid is. Two of the best and I don’t think either side will disagree after watching this series. I just have to add that Semin made an ignorant comment early in the season about Sid. “I see nothing special about him” is what I believe he said. I think he might say something different now. I believe respect should be given when due and I believe Ao and Sid both deserve it. Varly did have a great series. Sure the last game was a bummer but he will learn from it and be even better next year which is scarey because he outplayed Fleury the first 6 games. You guys will be even better next year I’m sure and that is a scarey thought.

  4. Karma on semin

    i agree how you said some ppl want ovie to win the game by himself. i think it was intermission ingame 6 and one of the caps players said somewhat to the effect that he has no pressure its all on ovie and he likes it like that. also semin is a diva. see how he reacts when he misses a pass and so forth. he was acting like a child in game 7 when he didnt have the puck. kudos to ovie too. he still showed up in every game, even #7.

  5. They have great season. Green played injured, Poti as well...

  6. Lou Lamoriello has the right idea, after being eliminated, go away for a few weeks, rest and relax and come back and evaluate with a clear, rested mind.

    The Capitals had a great season and right at the end, found the answer to their greatest need, goaltending. Look at the shot differential against Pittsburgh, not good. Team needs a little more attention to a defensive system and probably a couple of better defensive defensemen. Green is a kid and he was banged up pretty good although he had a great learning experience. Semin too. Nylander is probably on the way out but no need to insult a hard-working honest player who is on the back nine.

  7. Our season was great, but in the playoff serie against the pens we lost game 3 and 4 and then we can's loose game 5 home. Ovechkin was great as allways. Semin is not a playoff player. He's good but he doesnt have that killer-instinct. Varly is great. he's only 21 years old. I hope he can play as our first keeper next season. Nylander deserves to play more. He's good. Mike Green has a lot to learn in the defensive zone.