Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today's "hero" - Ref Brad Watson

After Scott Niedermayer misplayed the puck behind his net, Watson lost sight of the puck as it trickled along the goal line underneath Hiller and out to his right. Brad Watson blew the play dead right an instant before Detroit's Marian Hossa jammed the puck in the net for the apparent tying goal with 1:04 remaining.
The play is not reviewable by the League’s control room since it is deemed dead.
"First off, as any of us watch on a replay, it's easy to make the correct call," said E.J. McGuire, the series supervisor of officials. "In the case tonight, the official was down along the goal line. He was moving forward toward the net to try to get a look at where the puck was.
"When he couldn't see the puck, all referees' instructions are to blow the whistle and blow the play dead. A combination of the black puck and the black pants may have been a factor. But when he didn't see the puck, he blew the whistle."

Red Wings coach Mike Babcock didn't mince words when asked for his viewpoint.
"We should be playing (overtime) obviously, right now," Babcock said. "Two teams scored twice tonight, but it just didn't work out that way. There's no sense in complaining about the refereeing or anything like that."

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