Monday, May 11, 2009



Yesterday the Russian ice hockey national team became world champion for the second consecutive year having outplayed Canada in the final.
In the contemporary history there was no a tournament with a more easily predictable final. And more desirable one. Everybody waited for the second after Quebec series of Russian-Canadian opposition in Switzerland.
"I saw how our guys appeared together on the ice in the morning," said the Russian Ice hockey Federation President Vladislav Tretyak. "They usually do it one by one, without haste."
"And today [May 10] they got together earlier and were waiting for the training session to start. That is a good sign. Only a team that is ready for the toughest tryout behaves this way."
"You know that before the semifinal with Belarus I was so worried that could not sleep a wink for half of the night," confessed Tretyak. "And before the final I slept quite calmly."
"It is obvious that the last fight is the most difficult but we have already achieved a lot at the World Championship and felt that we are able to win the main fixture."
"And I am also very glad with the positive emotions of Bryzgalov. After the success in the game with the USA no one should worry about his psychological state."
Ilya Bryzgalov starred also in the third period. Hу saved everything that was intended to get into the net behind him. And not for nothing did our goalie was awarded the MVP of the final title.

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