Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pens advanced to the next round

-It was a huge comeback for the Penguins, who dug their way out of an early 3-0 hole made in part by their own mistakes. The Penguins continued their drive through the end of the second and into the third, when Gonchar became the hero of the day. "It's been a while, but in the playoffs, as a defenseman, you're not always thinking about goals," Gonchar said. "You have to keep shooting the puck, keep putting it on the net and one day it's going to come. Fortunately, today was one of those days." It can't be the sublimely skilled duo of Sidney Crosby and Eugene Malkin leading the offense every night. While Crosby had a pair of goals and Malkin added a pair of assists, teams win and lose in the playoffs as a team, which means contributions from everyone and everywhere. -

As I predicted Penguins advanced to the next round after the yesterday victory. Fleury played solid and the Pittsburgh offence is too powerful to be controlled. Flyers failed to do it. Congratulations, Pens fans!

More “My Photos” from this game can be found here: “My Photo Album”

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