Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Islanders, Dipietro and ...0:9

You know, I can understand it’s the end of the season, no chances to make playoffs, too many lost games etc... But to lose the game as it was done yesterday by Islanders it's way out of these explanations. The team just has shown no respect to their fans, opposite team and spectators. In my opinion, those two long term contracts with Yashin first and then, even more confusing, with always-injured Dipietro absolutely ruined this team. Even signing good players like Ryan Smyth or Bill Guerin they failed to keep them. Surprisingly for me, I have heard some comments from the NHL Center Ice that to sign Rick Dipietro “was the good move” for Islanders. Hmmm! Look how many games has he played this season – 5 (five!). Very exciting!
Anyway, congratulations to Carolina. This is hardworking team with no big stars, except of Eric Staal, that can easy make a long run into 2009 playoffs.

But what do you, guys, think about Islanders?


  1. What to think? Shiddy team, no fans, no brains. 3 teams for the Big Apple is too much. Lets go NYR!!! Devils - to AHL!

  2. being from long island its tough to see the isles do bad...its excting for the fans to get the #1 pick but they better be smart about it...DP is tough because its a love hate relationship with him....when he is on he on but his injuries and contract put him a tough spot