Friday, April 3, 2009

Crossfire in Philli - Leafs vs. Flyers 5:8 (Wow!)

A lot of goals, shots, fights and goalie's mistakes. Fun-to-watch kind of game, but hm... very questionable quality. Anyway, congratulations to Flyers Jeff Carter - hat-trick and 44th of the season - it's not a joke, guys!

According to the Flyers official web site Carter's...
"PERSONAL Nickname is Carts...Is a big fan of NASCAR and driver Kevin Harvick who he has met several times…Favorite thing about Philadelphia are the sports fans…Was on stage at a Kid Rock concert…Pet peeve is bad drivers…Describes himself as easy going and fun…Favorites include Scarlet Johansson (actress), The Dark Knight (movie) and Prison Break (TV show)…If he could live anywhere in the world for a year, it would be Barcelona."

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