Thursday, April 30, 2009

...and Who is Not...


It’s pretty long list of individuals who are, in my opinion, underachieved, underplayed, underworked etc. Significant stronger performance was expected by such players as Caps Mike Green, Sharks Patrick Marleau and Eugene Nabokov, Columbus Rick Nash etc. But for me this unpleasant number 1 position of this round is belonged to San Jose Sharks’ Joe Thornton. He finished the regulations with +16 and 18.0% goals/shots numbers. Now, look his playoffs stats: -3 and 5.9% accordingly. It says a lot. He was able to shake his team and has shown some lack of leadership abilities.

So which team has brought the main disappointment to us? The answer is closed to the previous paragraph. San Jose Sharks. President Trophy winner was completely overplayed by Conference 8 placed team in contrary to the most predictions, my own included. The Sharks official website has posted the pool “Is this the toughest playoff loss in Sharks history?” The 86% of the Sharks fans answered “Yes”. I don’t think whatever has to be added to it.

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  1. It's playoffs, buddy!
    U cannot blame one player for whole team!