Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today's Card - Martin Brodeur

Congratulations to the classiest goalie to play the game!I am some glad you passed the guy with his Cup rings in his ears!

Regards, Rob, Saint John,

NBCongrats on 552!!!!!!!! My brother wants to be a goalie and he looks up to you so much!!!! You should have seen him when you won yesterday!!!!

J. Munro, Canada

You are the Babe Ruth and Tom Seaver of the Devils. Without you, none of the Devils success would have been possible. Someday there should be a Brodeur Gallery at the Rock. Congratulations on an outstanding career and achievement

Stan Lubowicki, Brooklyn,

I live in Toronto Canada, and am a Leafs fan, but not when you’re in town. I try to take the family to one game a year when the Leafs play the Devils. The kids really enjoy seeing the greatest goalie live in action since I brag about you all the time. Way to go Marty, never doubted you for minute to break Roy's record. Stay healthy and keep the victories coming. One of your biggest fans

Al, Toronto, ON

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